How to Maintain Business Server — A Few Tips

Information Technology
2 min readOct 2, 2021

Server maintenance is the critical process of keeping a server updated and running optimally to avoid downtime and lack of data, as well as ensuring that your business’ computer network is operating as intended. Regular server maintenance can expand server productivity, thus increasing business productivity. Maintenance should be taken out regularly to maintain security and to secure long-term server health and functionality.

Enable RAID Alarms — If you are working a RAID system, make sure to allow the error notification system. Keep in mind that the RAID system can only tolerate a single hard drive failure. Therefore, if you drop even a single notification, it can result in a significant problem.

Check Backup Systems — Every effective maintenance plan includes creating a backup system or drill to preserve essential business data. Therefore, verify if all of your backup systems are running by conduction monthly test recoveries.

Analysis User Accounts — If your business has newly gone through staff changes, replace old or unauthorized users’ admittance to your system. Keep in mind that storing previous user information and senior websites can be downright risky.

Check Disk Usage — When it appears to server maintenance, you mustn’t use your production system as an archival system. Therefore, destroy software versions, old logs, and emails that are no longer of use. This way, you can manage your system free of old software and limit security issues.

Renew Your Operating System — Updates for Linux and Windows systems are released regularly. Many of these updates are essential for enhancing overall security and fix critical security issues. If you don’t have a management service, consider allowing auto-updates.

As you can see, server maintenance is an integral part of every business. Therefore, make sure you develop the tips mentioned above to avoid expensive expenses caused by server failure.